Durian is the name of
tropical vegetation which comes from southeast asia. It is also the name of
fruit. This name is taken from its skin characteristics which is similar with
“duri” or thorn. Its famous name is King of Fruit. Durian is a controversial fruit
because many people like it but many of them hate its smell.

Because the strong smell
of it, and it tends to smell rotten, some transportation companies forbid
people bring durian, for example in the plane, public transportation or into
the hotel. However, many people still like durian. Durian is quite expensive.
Durian has various
kinds. There are 20 species of durian in Indonesia. Nine of them can be eaten.
Durian fruit is eaten when it is in the fresh condition. In general this fruit
is sweet and very nutritious because it consists of carbohydrate, fat, protein,
and mineral.
In the harvest season of
durian, this fruit is everywhere, especially in its production centre region.
Traditionally, the flesh of the fruit can be cooked with sugar and it becomes
“lempok or dodol” or it can be fermented to be tempoyak. The taste of tempoyak
is sour and it is usually eaten with sambal or to be additional ingredient to
cook fish.
Sometimes, durian can be
mixed with other traditional cake ingredients like gelamai or jenang. It is
also mixed in the desert with glutinous rice. In this modern era, the taste of
durian is also added in candy, ice cream, milk, and other kind of fresh drink.
The seeds of durian can
be eaten as snack after being boiled or roasted. The raw seed cannot be eaten
because it is poisonous. It consists of cyclopropene, a poisonous material.
Some of durians are
sometimes used as traditional medicine materials. Its root is used as fever
medicine. The leaves can be mixed with Acorus calamus leaves and it is used to
cure infection on nails. The skin of the fruit can used to cure skin diseases
and constipation. Some of Javanese societies use the skin of durian to shoe
mosquito and put it on the corner of the room. The durian fruit is a good
source of antioxidant vitamin-C. It can help the human body develop resistance
against infectious disease.
Moreover, it contains
minerals like manganese, copper, iron and magnesium which is utilized by the
body for the antioxidant enzyme. Copper is needed in the production of red
blood cells. Iron is needed for red blood cell formation. Fresh durian fruit is
the source of potassium which is an important electrolyte inside cells and body
fluids that control heart rate and blood pressure. Further, it also contains
high levels of essential amino acid, tryptophan which metabolizes into
serotonin and melatonin in human body.
Durian flesh is also
exported in the form of canned durian. In Bangkok, durian paste is mixed with
pumpkin. Malays keep the flesh in salt in order it can still be eaten with
rice, even though it has been a year. They always their own way to enjoy
Beside consist of
carbohydrate, durian also consist …..


“…it becomes “lempok or
dodol” …”

The word “it” refer to
Durian’s tree
Durian’s flesh

What will happen if we
eat uncooked seed of durian
We will be poisoned
because the large of seed too big
We will be poisoned
because the taste is not delicious
We will be poisoned
because that’s just for animal
We will be poisoned because It consists of
We will be poisoned
because it concists of isomerization

What kind of mineral in
durian which needed in the production of red blood cells?

what is the main idea of
the last paragraph
durian in Bangkok

the ways to enjoy durian

Human body is actually a living machine and is
like all other machines. This living machine needs fuel to supply it with
energy. The fuel is provided by the food which we eat. However do we know how
much we need to stay healthy?

The energy value of food is usually measured in
calories. A calorie is the amount of heat which is required to raise the
temperature of 1 kg of water by 1 degree C. The number of calories which people
need per day varies. It depends on the activity which the people are involved
in. For example; people will need more calories for standing than for sitting,
people need more for running than for walking, etc.
The energy which is provided by food is in the
form of three kinds of chemical substances. They are carbohydrate, protein and
fat. Carbohydrate provides 8.8 calories per gram (cal/gm) of energy, protein
4.0 cal/gm and fat 8.0 cal/gm. Each food contains different proportion of these
substances.These three chemical substances are all important for body staying

how can we fuel the energy
of human body?
We can do exercise

How many calories which
people need per day?
Depend of the human
Depend of the parents of

what is the best tittle
for that text?
Kind of energy
Energy for human
Human body energy

which will need more
calories, studying, sleeping, listening, or talking?
Studying, talking
Studying, listening
Talking, listening
Talking, sleeping
Listening, sleeping

How much fat provides
calories for human body?

4,5 cal/ g

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